Monday, November 16, 2009

Food Styling - A Glimpse Into the Future

We are huge fans of this week's food styling artists Rebecca Veit and Kathryn Hillier of the Never Wilting Flower Project. We think they have a keen sense of the future of food - a vision of how we might begin to consider food - more precious - more decadent. Their photographs are simply gorgeous. We are weak kneed.

Veit and Hillier describe their project best:

Never Wilting Flower Project flirts with the idea of momento mori, observes the ephemeral interconnectedness of objects and draws upon Northern European Baroque painting as inspiration to create small universes and tableaux that are not only beautiful but also challenging in their imagery and formal compositions.

Although we have not yet seen teasers, we know they are diligently working away on their next body of work. They have won a studio space through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and we are sure that their sculptural subjects are only going to become more elaborate and more delicious. We are very excited to see more of your stunning still life photographs - keep up the amazing work ladies!

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