Gastronomista is a website focused on the culture of cocktails, and was founded in October of 2009 as a way to keep track of delicious treasures, tipples, and trips around the world. It is run by Emily Arden Wells, an architect by day, writer and avid drinker by night. Emily was named an “Epic Imbiber and Bon Vivant” in Ms. Lesley M.M. Blume’s ode to the cocktail, Let’s Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition. Gastronomista is a place where you might find still life paintings, tea parties, decanters, bespoke knives, travel stories, or decadent cocktail recipes. Emily seeks inspiration everywhere she goes, and finds fodder in everything she sees - on the streets and plates of foreign lands, the inked limbs of subway-riding compatriots, or shaking up cocktails in her own kitchen. 

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Gastronomista has been featured in many publications in print and online including Elle Magazine, Town & Country, Glamour Magazine, Company Magazine, Saveur Magazine, Gilt Taste, Eater, CoolHunting, Food Republic, EcoSalon, The New York Times, Forbes, El Pais, People Magazine, Self Magazine, The Heritage Radio Network, and was featured in a national Blackberry Commercial with the food lovers app, UrbanSpoon.

Gastronomista won the award for the Saveur Best Cocktail Blog category in 2015, and was a finalist in 2013 and 2014.  Additionally, Gastronomista was named Best Drinks and Beverage Blog by Friends Eat in 2013, and one of the 8 Best Booze Blogs  by The Savory in 2014.  In 2017 Gastronomista was named one of the “Drinkstagrammers Transforming Cocktail Culture Without Stepping Behind the Bar” by Vine Pair, one of the top cocktail Instagram accounts to follow by Supercall, and in 2016, one of the top Pinterest cocktail accounts to follow by Liquor.com. 

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Emma - Editor & Founder
aka Emily Arden Wells

At a Glance: Hedonist. Epic Imbiber.
Gastronomista Specialty:
Architecture, Graphics, Art, Design, and finding things that makes me hungry.  
Likes: Making something out of nothing.  Perfectly salted steaks.  Dim Lighting.  Red Velvet Doughnuts. Dining at the bar.  The feeling of freedom.
Dislikes:  Wasted time.  And Mayonnaise.
Hobbies: Sweating.
Guilty Pleasure:  Lying in bed until the last possible second.
Most Memorable Meal:  After a fantastic day of Heli Skiing at Great Canadian, King Crab Legs Apres Ski, then a 5 course meal that featured roasted beets, lobster ravioli, duck confit, bison filets, and one hell of a bread pudding.  
Breakfast in Bed: Poached Eggs on Buttermilk biscuits made by a man in his underwear.
Pick your Poison: Four Roses Bourbon on Ice or Hendrick’s Martini up with a Cucumber

Last Meal: Oysters, Bone Marrow with Parsley and Onions, Filet Mignon, and a few rounds of Old Fashioned Cocktails.

Currently Writes For: Tasting Table, Coolhunting, 5280.
Architect in Colorado.

Due credit must be given to Zachary Stevens, who behind the scenes does a lot of recipe testing and spirit sampling. He's got one hell of a palate, and his contributions are evident in every single post on this website.

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