Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pig Love

Dear April Bloomfield,

When are you going to stop nestling up to this pig, and start serving dinner at The Breslin?

We understand that you are very busy with the preparations for the grand opening, but don't you understand that we really, really want to sit at the banquet of your table and feast on your divine delights? I mean, when we visited the lobby of The Ace Hotel last night, we thought it was pretty neat... but we kept angling our high-backed vintage library chair just so, hoping that we could peer through the windows to see if there was any way we could get inside. Yes, those windows behind you and super-hunk Ken Friedman. (Ken, if you're reading this, will you marry us?)

If, as according to BlackBook, you're already offering roasted poussin with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, and a char-grilled beef tongue sandwich with lentil soup at lunch, what could possibly await us at the dinner hour??? We were lucky enough to have a very luxurious charcuterie tray, which, thanks to also hunky Joshua David Stein and the paper of record, is annotated for us here. (But why did you charge us $2 for extra bread? Even though we adore you, we call party foul.)

The point is, April, you look a-dor-able snuggling up with the little porker, but we want to, as you said in 2003, start getting snacky! Call us when you're ready!

Respectfully yours,
The Girls of Gastronomista

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