Thursday, November 5, 2009

She Puts Her Designs Inside Your Body

performance artist marije vogelzang calls herself an "eating designer" - an artist preoccupied with all things food. as far as vozelgang is concerned, food is perfect already and needs no further design - it's the consumption that turns her on. we couldn't agree more.

her latest installation, currently at PERFORMA, is the aptly titled "pasta sauna" - an interactive performance where attendees are invited to loll about in the steam created from boiling pasta. and then you eat. just feast your eyes on these lovely little pods of pasta dough.

can't you already imagine the steamy conversations you could have in this alternate, culinary reality/paradise? i can.


miss ariadne cools her face with a delicate lace fan, wisping steam in a thousand different directions, a handsome gentleman on her arm

miss ariadne: you must excuse me, i'm feeling a little warm today.
handsome gent: but miss ariadne, you are simply ravishing. the steam has curled your eyelashes just so, your skin is emanating a warm, pink glow and the inviting scent of warm semolina surrounds you. i could eat you alive!
miss ariadne: [blushes] well perhaps i should just remove my jacket?
handsome gent: whatever makes you more comfortable. would you like a bowl of linguine?

oh, fantasies.

to boot, she's also written a book called EAT LOVE and ladies, in case you couldn't tell, that lovely little white pepper says "sex." how delicious. she puts it best: it's the perfect gift for anybody in possession of a mouth. indeed.

her final performance is tomorrow, at the PERFORMA hub in cooper square. run, don't walk, dear readers. you will eat your heart out.

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