Friday, November 13, 2009

Women on Top

The Philadephia Daily News interviews female chefs around the city about their experiences in the kitchen. "According to an industry report by the National Restaurant Association, women account for just 17 percent of the chefs and head cooks in professional kitchens today (about 1 in 5), with ownership of 25 percent of eating and drinking establishments nationwide."

The above help wanted ads are brought to us via NicolePete, who writes, "One more reason I'm glad I wasn't around in the 30's. Women's wages ranged between $4 and $6 dollars a week while some men's were $15 a day. Rental property was about $25 a month. I found these ads in a 1935 Minneapolis Journal newspaper (now the Star Tribune) The paper was found in the back of an old mirror in my basement."

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