Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gastronomista Gift Guide - Meat

Continuing the Gastronomista Gift Guide, this post's theme: Meat.

One of the best gifts we've ever seen around is the Bacon of the Month Club by the Grateful Palate - for $315 your lucky loved one receives a package of artisan Bacon, and all the fixin's:

- A different artisan bacon delivered to your door each month for 12 months
- Informative notes on all bacon selections
- Discounts on The Grateful Palate bacon products and bacons
- Bacon of the Month Club Membership Card
- The bacon strip - our members only monthly bacon comic strip
- The Bacon of the Month Club Pig Ballpoint Pen
- A little Rubber Toy Pig
- One free Bacon Tee Shirt
- A recipe each month using the bacon selected
- Discounts on suggested wines and products in recipes
- And a pig nose!

um. someone? anyone? bacon? to my doorstep!!!

moving on. it's genius. just sayin.

Also check out their obscene collection of Bacon related paraphernalia.

Another great gift idea for the man of the house is a Monogrammed Steak Brand from Willams-Sonoma. Don't forget to include Houston's Goode Company Steak Rub for $3.95-$11.95 - guaranteed to make a spot-on steak, no matter your skill level.

Every foodie needs some food on their Christmas tree (we demand aluminum trees), and we are completely smitten with these felt breakfast items made by Feltalicious. They are $15 for a set that inlcudes one egg, one french toast, and one piece of felt bacon. We also love the idea of a tree covered in felt eggs. Also a hit: the felt chips and salsa.

And continuing the theme of non-meat-meats, there is the Meat Medley Plush Toy & Pillow for the meat loving youngsters in your life made by Sweet Meats. The whole Shebang for $179.99, and comes with Deli Wrapping for only 50¢ - what a deal.

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