Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My So-Called Mustard

Remembering our youth and reveling in our relative adulthood, we’ve been watching back-to-back episodes of My So-Called Life. And in the process we have most certainly developed a major crush on Angela’s dad, Graham Chase, the 40-year-old hunk with aspirations to become a chef.

Of course, when deadbeat drunk French Chef Stefan Dieter fails to perform as culinary professor, Graham is tapped to teach the class. More than anything, though, our crush is solidified when Rayanne roots through the fridge to find out just how fetishistic about mustard our main man is.

"Who's into the mustard?"
"My dad."
"Well, you know what that's about. Sex. I mean, all you really need to survive is mild yellow. All this other stuff is purely recreational."
- Rayanne and Angela
Many Mustards, proof that variety is the spice of life

And we think you'll agree that a house with no mustard is a house of heartbreak.

via The Mustard Museum

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