Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Signs of Spring Vegetation

One of the greatest joys that come from March thawing is the influx of fresh produce that begins to make its way into NYC’s green markets. Root Vegetables and Brussel Sprouts begin to fall off restaurant’s menus to make room for the haricot verts, snap peas, and asparagus. Chef John Fraser of Dovetail is celebrating this tonight, and every Monday, with a new Vegetable focused menu. Many of the dishes are vegetarian and vegan, but others incorporate meat and fishes as simply a way to highlight and season the very fresh and special vegetable. Escarole Salad with anchovy vinaigrette, haricot verts and chickpeas is a favorite of mine. And the mason jar vegetable consommé with mushroom dumplings (vegans rejoice) is not to be missed.

Ok, Ok, you know I can’t help myself but, please save room for cheese! Another part of what makes Dovetail so special is their outstanding cheese cart. It can be wheeled tableside and explained by their highly trained and enthusiastic staff for a very traditional cheese service experience. Last I heard, they had Caspian, a Jasper Hill Farm rarity, on their cart – proof that they are serious about cheese, and food, on West 77th street.


103 West 77th Street

Dinner open 7 days with "Sunday Suppa" menu served Sundays and "Vegetable Tasting" served Mondays

Brunch: Saturday and Sunday

Lunch: Wednesday-Friday

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