Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meat = Heat

Throughout New York City, there are so very many souls in search of a mate, and a good handful of them seek it not just through the heart, but the stomach.

In our new favorite blog (Missed Connections), and our for-a-while-favorite Etsy vendor (Sophie Blackall), we get illustrations of the daily Craigslist postings in search of a denoument (or primax?) to that subway or "Subway" flirtation. And we just adore these images.

Blackall's subject matter - literally, the illustration of Craigslist connections - remind us a lot of Jason Pollan's voeyeuristic, but personal and oh-so-sweet, "Every Person in NY" campaign: New Yorkers, being themselves.

She also does non-Craigslist, often-food-related work, including mushroom girls and boys, turning those umami vegetal fans into Victorian-era-worthy neckwear.
And with that, we introduce The Mother of Meat.
Swaddle that meat.

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