Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plonk Wines - Your Personal Guide to Wine

Sometimes we all need a little guidance.  Although we may know the benefits of the effects of wine, we know very little about which ones to select.  It is true, we are usually drawn to the most attractive looking label in conjunction with the lowest price point we can hit without purchasing wine in a box.  (After all, boxed wine has its very own special time and place in the world).  So we admit, we are novices.  Yet, we crave a good glass of wine to pair with our take-out dinner on a Tuesday night, and preferably something that doesn't break the bank.  In turn, we are optimistic that we can find really amazing bottles for under $30 that would impress our parents, in-laws, food-snob friends, first dates, or our best friends.


Enter Etty Lewensztain.  Etty, a good friend of ours for many years now, has just ventured out on her own to create Plonk Wine Merchants, a Los Angeles based online wine company.  The site is user-friendly, helping us novices explore Lewensztain's carefully curated selections based on region, grape, style, and price.  Best of all, she has visceral descriptions of each bottle, suggested food pairings, and video portions in which Etty describes the bottles and why she likes them (side note: her ever-changing fashionable outfits and her signature curly hair are to die for).  Consider yourself lucky, Ms Lewensztain is accredited by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and the American Sommelier Association, and she is now your own personal guide to the wine world.

For those of you lucky enough to live in a state where Plonk can deliver wine (Alaska, California, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington DC, Wyoming), we are jealous.  The rest of us will have to study up and head over to the wine store alone, but freshly educated.

Well done Miss Lewensztain, well done.

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