Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Margarita Day

It's Cinco de Mayo, which some celebrate at Mexico's Independence day from France. 

 Battle of Puebla - Mexican Victory

But us gringos prefer to consider it to be a national holiday (in every country) in celebration of one of the best inventions ever - the Margarita. 

We like them every way, with salt, without salt, on the rocks, blended, lime, raspberry, hibiscus, by the glass or by the pitcher. 

 This one looks gross, but we're confident it's delicious

Many have their favorite recipes - but we will give you ours (no joke these are the best and easiest in the whole world):

1/2 Can of Light Beer (we recommend Tecate)
6 oz Tequila


And a little diddy by Mr Jimmy Buffet, in honor of our good friend, the Margarita.  See you later, we're off to Margaritaville.

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