Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Important Message from the Belgian Ministry of the Culinary Affairs

Ask anyone what the best thing Belgian is and surely they'll say "waffle." One of New York's most popular street vendors sells just that, and it's a food truck called Wafels & Dinges. As expected, the only offering is waffles. Fruit, bacon, Belgian chocolate, ice cream, traditional spekuloos spread, and even pulled pork are topping options. But you get much more than the best tasting waffle you can find. How about a little laugh with that taste of Liege? Owner Thomas DeGeest's sense of humor makes it all the way down to the fine print on the menu:

*Disclaimer (print in very small font please!)

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the wafels served through the Wafels & Dinges mobile vehicle are made available to the public by the Department of Wafels, Belgian Ministry of the Culinary Affairs. The waffles (hereafter "Wafels") are intended for the human enjoyment only and may not refelct the realities of the actual pancake. The intent of the Wafels is to assist in the creating of the happily-ever-after experience while eating the many dinges on the top of the Wafels.

Sometimes it really pays to read the small print. Now we know what Dinges are!

Check out the truck schedule for information on when this city-meal-on-wheels will makes its way to your neighborhood.

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