Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get Thee to the Boulangerie

photo from our friends at nowness

Fun fact about bread: In the olden days, women who thought they were possessed by a sexual demon would eat a phallic-shaped bread roll to exorcise it. There are lots of ex-voto breads in Italy and lots of sexual breads that look like male and female sexual parts—baguettes and breads with cracks.

Well, we won't kill the messenger, especially since he looks like this:

Meet Gontran Cherrier, experimental baker (uh, rye bread with miso?), bread scientist and all around heart-throb. God bless the man, he even takes time to rail on the Atkins diet. We love him for that! The full interview via Nowness is here. This guy's on the rise - at 31 years old he's already hosted his own show on Canal+ and authored 6 cookbooks. His first bakery opens in Paris this month. Let's woo him stateside, shall we? We hostesses are starting to brush up on our French right now. Voulez-vous coucher avec... nope, wrong phrase. Wait... is it?

If you ever doubted the sexiness of bread, we invite you to reacquaint yourself right now.

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