Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Ahhh Summer.  So delicious.

Your hostesses have been playing in the sun as much as possible - and here's a taste of our summer...or at least what we aspire to. 

Glamour in the Palms

An outing on our Cris Craft
(soon to be acquired, no doubt)

The Timeless One Piece - Eres 2010
(the essential swimsuit for any lady of distinction)

One we're lusting after:

 Channeling Liz::

image via Ezinemark

Looks like it's time to raise the cocktail flag!

Our cocktail du jour:

The Dark and Stormy 

Here's how we do it -

- One part Rum (for the original Dark n' Stormy - go Gosling's Black Seal Rum)
- One part Ginger Beer - or Bruce Cost's Fresh Ginger Ale made with fresh ginger and cane sugar.
- An extra dash of Canton French Ginger Liqueur (Old Man Emerson's secret ingredient).
- Served in a highball glass with ice and a lime

Timeless, delicious, always gets to the point.

Summer on, dear readers, summer on.

 image via Woody Boater

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