Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Kind of Man is Your Beer?

Beer, rap moguls, men... all communities we know and love, but those which can seem like overwhelming swirls of chaos and information, and which would do well to be codified and organized for easy understanding. Thank you to the book editing and graphic design team behind PopChartLab, for breaking it all down in your handsome and handy way.

Let's take a closer look at the Very Many Varities of Beer:

In the Northwest of the chart, we've got our classic American Ales, those reliable, hard-working manly beers that could rescue you in a wildfire in the woods, like "Mendocino Eye of the Hawk" and "Sierra Nevada Bigfoot." Of course, there's the smooth and luscious Victory Old Horizontal, known for his favorite way to lounge around. Admittedly, some of these guys get a little out of hand - not the least of which are The Arrogant Bastard and The Dirty Bastard.

Traveling Easterly, we move on over to Europe, with those fancy, kind of fruity, kind of heady brews. They've got their finesse, they are besotted in their fineries, and they hail from so many monied histories. The Leffe Blonde, the Petrus Oud Bruin, the Unibroe Blance de Chambly, the La Trappe Quadrubel... they've got their appeal for the right kind of girl.

A little further on down the way, we hit the great lagers of Germany and their many loyal compatriots, those hearty standard-bearers with high expectations and mildly mainstream mantras: Grolsch, Heineken, Harp, Peroni. European Football session masters.

And then as far away as possible from the old Euros are the American Adjunct Lagers, those insipid, bland, fratty losers, Bud Ice, Natty Ice, Coors Light, Keystone Light, suitable enough for a late night college bender, but despicable company at any other moment.

We wonder what camp the designers behind PopChartLab fall into, but we think we'd happily canoodle in any corner with them.
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