Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beer Cans, a History in Design

At long-last, Dan Becker and Lance Wilson's highly-anticipated book surveying vintage beer packaging design has hit bookstore shelves. "Beer" documents an amazing array of 480 vintage cans from 32 countries, culled from Becker's step-father's basement collection. On seeing the assortment for the first time, Wilson said, "I remember walking down into Dan's parents' basement one day and being blown away by the visual variety and history in front of my eyes. What initially looked like floor-to-ceiling wallpaper was actually thousands of beer cans on tightly packed shelves."

The book serves as a lesson in international consumer goods marketing, typography and vessel composition, and celebrates that universal nectar we all hold so dear. Available now through Amazon or direct from Chronicle.

images via CoolHunting

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