Friday, January 7, 2011

Our surprising girl crush on Gwyneth

Gwyneth always kind of struck us as a bit too buttoned up, a little overly uptight, a tad too pre-award season colonic-friendly for our tastes, but by gosh, by golly, her cooking videos on GOOP are just adorable. They're actually incredibly refreshing and personal. We still don't entirely understand her seemingly contradictory food philosophy - she eats a ton of raw vegan food, yet spent a lot of time on the road with Mario Batali in his giant red jollyness - but frankly, we don't really care.

We have to admit it: she's cute as a button and she taught us a thing or two. And we secretly can't wait to see Country Strong.

So here goes. Gwyneth deboning a chicken, shaking up some potatoes, and adding some maple indulgence to her dressing:

Gwyneth diving into brown rice bibimbap (albeit without a stone pot) and her chef friend demoing some crafty knife skills:

Gwyneth treating us to a lovely and light Vietnamese salad:

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