Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fried and True

Some culinary matches are clearly made in heaven. Wine and cheese. Tea and honey. Bacon and eggs.

Booze and doughnuts.

Wait, what was that last one? We must be dreaming, you say?

Well, we needn't fantasize about getting our liquor with a side of fried pastry any longer. Zac Young, pastry chef at Flex Mussels, has already garnered a following for his innovative doughnuts with toothsome fillings - think salted cajeta and spiced chocolate. But now, he has made our wildest fantasies reality by offering a secret, off-menu selection of Boozy Doughnuts, as well. Amongst the spiked varieties offered are Absinthe Chocolate, Margarita, Blueberry Daiquiri, and Maker's Mark Caramel.

For those responsible commuters who would like to start their workday off with a Flex treat, however, Young has also opened a pop-up doughnut stand in Grand Central Terminal, on the Lower Concourse. He'll only be slinging his sweet saucers there until February 4th, though, so get them while they're hot.

As for us, we'll sidle up to the bar and order one of the Maker's Mark Caramel variety.

On second thought... better make that a double.

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