Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cookie Boy

There is one thing you never have to say twice to girls like us, cookies are delicious.  Because they are.  We have a deep love for cookies, and a deeper love for really beautiful cookies. 

Japanese cookie artist Takeshi Hiroshi, aka Cookie Boy, is starting a cookie renaissance.  His cookies are graphic, colorful, whimsical, and extremely photogenic.  His disciplined repetition cookie to cookie is really quite remarkable - we traditionally get too excited of the prospect of making something else out of that already used shape...but we digress.

He sums it up best:

One day, anniversary gifts to make cookies.
Smile like a child when I opened the box, I was happy.
Awakening the artistic texture, creating a self-taught cake daily.
Textile design utilizing technology in the past have learned, we made a line drawing type.
Approached in the distance and things to eat.
As the cookies melt in your mouth, goes to unravel the feelings of people.
I found a canvas of cookies.

Thank you Google Translate for that enlightening depiction. 

On to the cookies:
The Cookie Boy, we presume.
The Original Sinners.


Song Birds.


Mystery Man.

Pearl Necklaced Pups.


 Check out his website, and his blog for more information.

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