Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scott Conary, We'd Eat Steak With You

We've been known to be fans of Food in Art, Food as Art, and Art as Food - all tasty combination two of our favorite things.  We've also been known to like meat in paint form - so naturally we are smitten with Scott Conary's meat still life paintings.

We first saw them on the cover of RISD's Alumni publication, RISD XYZ - enamored we remain in all of his work, which can be found on his website

Scott Conary - Glow Chop

There is something kind of ... haunting about all of Conary's paintings.  The lonely farm houses, the eerily lit Habanero, that kind of terrifying hammer...there is something almost sadistic and quite literally raw in them.  For still life paintings that blatantly fetishize dinner, we think they are amazingly personal. 

Scott Conary - Rib Chop

Scott Conary - Hen, Back
Scott Conary - Habanero 1

Scott Conary - Moth

Scott Conary - Flying Carpet

Scott Conary - Mussels

Scott Conary - Cut Apple

For more information, check out his website.
Another good interview with him on The Daily Meal.

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