Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exceptional Eggs

Early Spring always makes us nostalgic about decorating Easter eggs. We fondly remember the fizzy tablets, the tart whiff of vinegar, the nests of green plastic tinsel. But now that we are oh-so-sophisticated adults, it all seems a little, well, lo-fi to us.

Enter the Egg-Bot.

Created by "motion control" artist Bruce Shapiro in 1990, the Egg-Bot uses a Sharpie and rotating motor to create intricate, Escher-esque patterns on delicate eggshell. The results are a far cry from the pastel Paas of your youth.

"Laid By a Chicken, Not a Bunny"

Escher Egg

At $195 - $220, available at Evil Mad Science, the Egg-Bot is not a wallet-friendly way to upgrade your huevos, but the machine will decorate most small, spherical objects, so you can use it to create custom Christmas ornaments, too. So that's more like $100 dollars per Judeo-Christian holiday! How could you ever resist???

Eggzact definition

Additionally, the kit is open-source, which means the upgrades and expansions you could apply are basically endless. Code is available to stretch your designs, fill in hash marks, and even create tiny mazes on your eggs. More fun than an Easter egg hunt? You decide.

Photos via Flickr

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