Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gilt Taste Launch Event

On the back of the #sweet piece we did for SOMETHING I ATE we were asked to produce a similar piece for the Gilt Taste launch party on May 18th.  We were absolutely thrilled, and obviously accepted!  They loved our twitter reference from the last piece, so we kept the hashtag in the hopes of generating tweets from party.

For this round we wanted to feature specialty products sold on Gilt Taste, so they sent over a beautiful selection of products to choose from.

As kids we used to get so excited about candy - and truth be told, we still do.  We love the bright fun colors, it's glossy finish, the surprise of the transparency, and its ability to really do anything you want.  The candy has an amazing ability to take on any flavor, any color, and any shape.  So, what would be the best candy in the world? Boozy candy.  We wanted to create great cocktails concentrated into a mouth sized morsel.  We started with some of our favorite cocktails, the Margarita, Bourbon on the Rocks, Campari Orange, and the Peach Bellini.  We then used products that we thought would highlight the flavors of the cocktails in interesting ways.

Noble Tonic No. 2 with Bourbon and Camomile

The Maple and Bourbon are both sweet caramel flavors with vanilla undertones - we used camomile tea instead of water to play up the camomile in the Noble No. 2 Tonic.

The Campari lolly was based on a Campari Orange cocktail - but we used the Blood Orange to give it an extra dimension.  The Cabernet Franc Ice Syrup adds another layer of fruitiness - giving it the flavor of almost a sangria. 

The Margarita was simple - a margarita in a lolly! Citrus with the kick of Tequila and the bite of the Pink Pangasinan Salt.  These taste extra delicious when served with a lowball glass of sipping Tequila!

Finally we loved the idea of doing a peach Bellini - but adding pepper to give it a spicy kick.  We love the Indian Long Pepper, which is an exotic pepper with floral notes. 

588 Lollies on the Wall

It was a fantastic party - we have to give the Gilt team much credit for pulling off a really fun and tasty event.  They did a great job highlighting the products available on the site, but also the people who have made it happen, and shared some of the behind the scenes passions that it requires to have such a successful venture.  

Ms Ruth Reichl & Ms Susan Lyne Leading the Charge
Cocktails & Cocktail Lollies

Lollies & Charcuterie
You know you want one..

Still not enough?

Watch our (short but so sweet) timelapse of the install.

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