Thursday, May 5, 2011

Slow Motion

There are some undeniable mesmerizing things in the world.  The ocean, lava lamps, waterfalls, diamonds, and Jell-o.  Joyful, falling, bouncing, allllmost imploding (but not) Jell-o, slowed down to a hypnotic pace of 6200 frames per second where every mutation is accentuated by it's shiny (and oh-so sexy) gelatinous skin. 

We recommend setting your own soundtrack for increased enjoyment. 

Now that is some sexy business.  

This tasty nibble is brought you by Modernist Cuisine  and their state-of-the-art test kitchen.  If this is a preview of what the book will look like when it thumps on our doorstep - we are excited.  (June 1st - Amazon tells us).  

Get yourself a good brownie (or whatever) and sit back and enjoy.  More slow-mo food videos after the jump.

Dancing Jell-O

Preparing for Summer

And - a Cinco de Mayo special

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