Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beat That Heat

The only thing better than an ice cold Tecate on a melty swelty day like this... is ice cold Tecate on a stick.

Heat Wave: 0; Tecate: 1

The geniuses at Diablo Royale Este debuted this stunner last year, but the time for boozy popsicles is right now and oh man, is it here with a vengeance. Plus, it's so easy to make there's really no excuse no to. Just add some simple syrup and fresh lime juice into a can of Tecate, put a wooden stick into the opening and put it in the freezer.

It takes four days to freeze properly though, so we suggest making a six pack of popsicles for all the heat that lies ahead. Or a twelve-pack. You know you want to. It's ok. We won't judge.

We never judge when it comes to Tecate.

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