Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brown Baggin' It

Back in grade school, the hours leading up to lunchtime were fraught with delicious anticipation.

What secrets were hidden in our brown paper bags that day? Bologna and Kraft singles on Wonder bread? Or peanut butter and honey on whole wheat? Would we be able to trade our Oreos for a Nutter Butter? Or - god forbid - did Mom pack fruit for dessert? That crinkly brown bag signified a world of culinary excitement and possibility, and for a young Gastronomista, plundering its treasures at noon was a thrill rivaled only by the monkey bars at recess.

So when we caught sight of this trompe-l'oeil clutch by Marie Turnor, our sentimental little hearts swooned.

The crinkly tote is constructed of buttery Italian leather and comes in two sizes - Picnic, which will fit your keys, phone, wallet, and an empanada, and Dinner, which can accommodate, say, a checkbook, a brush, a ginger beer, and a loaded bahn mi (thank goodness our palates have matured a bit.)

We'll have that nostalgia to-go, please.


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