Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gastronomista Girls on U Look Hungry

Earlier this week Miss Helen Hollyman asked us to come onto her show, U Look Hungry on the Heritage Radio Network.  We had a fantastic time talking about all of our recent projects and our sources of inspiration; Martha, moms, hashtags, mustard, kimchi, foodie films, and of course, a strong Dark and Stormy. 

Listen to the show here

Thanks to all the people who tuned in to listen to the live show - apparently there were quite a few of you!  Thank you! 

Many thanks to Miss Hollyman for having us on the show.  She is a very talented writer who wrote one of my favorite pieces of all time, Das Stinky.  Check out her website if you have a second, she's got some good stuff going on there, and one fantastic theme song.  No joke, we've listened to it maybe 1000 times in the last few days. 

Miss Holllyman also wrote us a very flattering preamble to the show:

"On today’s episode of U Look Hungry, I’m joined by Miss Rammy Lee Park and Emily Wells, two of the gems behind the delectable website, “Gastronomista.”  

If you’re not familiar with Gastronomista, it’s one of the best food websites dedicated to bookmarking some of the most hot haute hot mouthwatering food trends and unbelievable finds.

In short, it’s almost where food, art and fashion collide. The wordy libations don’t stop there; they also create bespoke events, gorgeous videos, and so much more."

Aww stop - we're blushing! 


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