Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 Gift Guide - More Coffee Please

Because what does everyone need to get through the aftermath of any boozy holiday season? LOTS OF COFFEE.

1. Mugs for the myriad mustachioed gentlemen in your life.

2. A hand-crafted coffee grinder by the Red Rooster Trading Co, a family-operated business of hand-built goods. Support a small business and a caffeine habit simultaneously.

3. Guilty as charged: Gimme is this hostess's local coffeeshop of choice, and not without good reason: they're dedicated to creating a sustainable growing community by seeking out local farmers for collaborations. Plus, their Leftist blend is sweet, complicated and a little rough around the edges: just the way we like our coffee. And our women. And our men. And our gifts, hint, hint.

4. Did you know caffeine has anti-inflammatory tightening and firming qualities? Give someone that special body buzz with Wash With Joe, a coffee-mint bodywash.

5. Hello, coffeenerds (hello, self!) Make coffee over a Bunsen burner. Great for someone who likes beautiful, useful objects. Also for people who like to pretend its oldentimes.

6. Now that you've gotten everything for all the other coffee lovers in your life, treat yourself to these incredible mugs from Seletti. Settle in and put your pinky up. You deserve a cup.

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