Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gastronomista Gift Guide - Lover of the Libation

We've had the privilege of tasting some extraordinary liquor this year - and in true Gastro Girl form - it is our gift of choice.  Sorry to ruin the surprise, dearest friends and family, but you're all getting bottles this year.  Which means, you're all getting bottles this year!  Yippeeee!

These are a few of our favorite finds from the last year:

1. Balvenie 17 year Peated Cask - this is a fantastic find for your favorite scotch lover - smoky, spicy - guaranteed to impress.

2.  Santa Teresa 1796 - often times rum gets a bad wrap.  Saved for summer parties, pina coladas or other sugary cocktails.  But we've got one fantastic rum that you can sip like a true spirit.  Santa Teresa has flavors of Caramel, Red Fruits, and Spice - fantastic with your holiday fruit cake (we're kidding about that last bit).

3.  Plymouth Navy Strength Gin - not Available in the US sadly.  Please someone from the UK bring us a bottle of this white gold!

4. Unico Tequila - if you're looking for a superb tequila - there's the newly released Unico Tequila.  Unico is extremely smooth, and is best served with a slice of lime as a sipping tequila.

5. Bache-Gabrielsen Hors d'Age Grande Champagne Cognac not only comes in this exquisite bottle, but it's a fantastic cognac with notes of red fruits, honey, vanilla, oak, and caramel.

6.  We like to support local businesses - and we love what's going on in Colorado.  Rob's Mountain Gin is made in Boulder Colorado - made with locally sourced materials.  And the graphics are pretty spot on, an added bonus.

7.  Hudson Whiskey Age Your Own Whiskey Kit - pretty self explanatory.  Start with the basics, good white dog, and age it in your own tiny barrel.  Genius, we say.

8.  Underburg Leather Belt - comes with 20 bottles of the herbal digestive that's a perfect touch after a big holiday meal.

9.  Woodford Reserve New Cask Rye - we're new fans of Rye, and so this one is an instant favorite.  Part of their 2011 Master's Collection, and will be perfect on the rocks or in a Manhattan.

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