Monday, February 13, 2012

Gastronomista Gift Guide: The Littlest Gourmand

Today we're pleased to present a guest post by one of our favorite gals around, Miss Amanda de Beaufort of the wildly successful parent-style blog, Coos & Ahhs.  Whenever we're in a jam for gifts to get for the little ones in our life, we always turn to C&A for some seriously cute and stylish finds.  Additionally, we're terribly fond of her son, Master Henry Hugh, who is not only one stylish two year old, but also is quite the little gourmand.  We've seen the little chap down raw oysters, pasta carbonara, steak - pretty much whatever mom's eating, and she's always serving up something divine.

So we asked Miss de Beaufort to give us a round up of some of the best foodie finds she can recommend for the little gourmands in your life. 

Without further ado:

Gifts for the Littlest Gourmand

I am honored to contribute this gift guide for my favorite foodie ladies!

Like most food-loving parents, one of my greatest fears was giving birth to a picky eater. Okay, slight exaggeration! Kids are kids, but I strongly feel that feeding your child real, homemade, healthy food as much as possible is key to a healthy adventurous eater. Here are some of my favorite foodie gifts for little ones...happy eating! 

1. The baby & toddler cookbook 2. Boon modware utensils 3. Deuz napkid bib 4. Sili squeeze--take purees  on the go! 5. Beaba babycook 6. Rookie red training chopsticks 7. Marimekko karkuteilla kids set 8. Boon fruit and veggie slicer 9. Zoku popmaker and sticks

Want more?  Pop in over at Coos & Ahhs!

xx Amanda de Beaufort

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