Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lady Liberty & Liquid Gold

We here at Gastronomista HQ are lovers of the whiskey.  Yes, it's true, and we are not afraid of saying it.

So we went to an auction.  A whiskey auction.  An whiskey auction hosted on Liberty Island and hosted by Glenfiddich. It was fabulous.  (Ok ok ok, it was for charity - SHFT Initatives, founded by Adrian Grenier to promote sustainability issues through the intersection of commerce, art & design, and communication).

Lady Crush

We came, we bid, we lost.

But there were winners that night.  A lucky lady who won a dinner with the ever handsome Mr. Grenier, and an extremely lucky gentleman who won the even more handsome bottle of 55 year old Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve.  There are only 11 bottles on the planet, and considered to be the world's most valuable single malt.   And how much did this bottle of liquid gold auction for, you ask?  $94,000.  A small trifle, we say.

Adrian Grenier, The Lady with the Gavel, Rachel Orkin-Ramey, and Whisky Collector Mahesh Patel

That's a Good Lookin' Table

Meat Pies!

Us ladies of  more conservative budgets stuck to the party fare - lamb sandwiches, meat pies, and of course, Glenfiddich (we'll stick to the 18 year, thank you very much).  After all, a way to a woman's heart is always meat pie and scotch.


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