Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sugar High - Photography of Brittney Meyer

Surrealism, we love you so.  With your wild juxtapositions and transcending escapes from reality, we are always drawn to you.  In these days of over documentation and over sharing, we are always delighted to see reality contorted, twisted, reflected, and made oh-so-wrong in all the right ways.

This brings us to the work of photographer Brittany Meyer.  She sends frozen treats into orbit, letting them melt into sugary contrails.  Eclairs float effortlessly as if they are in outer space.  Cotton candy clouds flirt with cumulus cloudscapes, brewing up some sort of Willy Wonka thunderstorm.  Lemon Meringue Pie hovers above like a satellite or a suddenly spotted UFP (unidentified flying pie).

With all these sweets aloft, we're sure craving something sweet.  Flying pancakes anyone?

For more flying edibles, check out her website.

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