Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gastronomista Gift Guide - The Agaves

1.  This is a bottle we are obsessed with - Zignum Anejo - an aged mezcal that tastes like a hybrid of tequila and caramel sweet bourbon.  We're jealous of whoever you gift this to.  $50

2.  Looking for a new margarita incarnation?  Try La Pinta Pomegranate infused tequila this year to add some holiday flare.  $35

3.  For the tequila lover who loves to take shots - these are shot glasses made of Himalayan salt blocks.  No salt rim required.  Genius, we say.  Genius. $30

4.  A dear friend gave us one of these Margarita ornaments last year, and now it is the one lone ornament pulling down on a our leafy house plant.  Very charlie brown's christmas, but boozier.  $11

5.  Margaritas always taste better out of hand blown glasses - something about the thick glass to keep them extra chilled.  $30

6.  Like an extra spicy salted rim?  Ghost Pepper Salt is your solution.  (Pro tip: It goes nicely on everything, just be careful, it's wicked hot).  $12

7.  We love silver tequila - something about the clean crisp agave always makes us happy ladies.  Corzo is a handsome bottle that will warrant oohs and ahhs - slick packaging and delicious sipping tequila!  Double win!  $57

8.  Espolon is another nice silver tequila, but with more citrus notes.  Fantastic for mixing or sipping.  $20

9.  The best place to drink tequila is Mexico.  And when in Mexico, every lady needs a fabulous swimsuit and a fabulous pair of sunnies.  Shakuhachi Suit $200, Tom Ford Nikita Sunnies $200

10.  Want to show off your knowledge about mezcal?  Give Pechuga mezcal - made by hanging chicken breasts from the cap of the still and infusing quince, apple, banana, pineapple and guava in the still during the triple distillation process.  It's delicious - savory, smoky, and sweet.  We love this one from Fidencio. $85

11. TEQUILA!  T-shirt with Pee-wee's iconic dance.  $30

12.  Hair of the Wolf, indeed.  Montelobos Mezcal  $50

13.  Again, with the amazing silver tequilas - Patron Platinum.  An impressive bottle of tequila - triple distilled and aged 9 years, it's incredibly smooth to sip.  If this bottle arrived under the tree, we would not be disappointed..  $159

14.  An essential tool for making icy margaritas - a blender.  $60

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