Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gastronomista Gift Guide - Table Gifts

Every year when the holidays come around we have the tradition of table gifts at holiday meals.  Small useful and inexpensive gifts opened before the meal that continue to bond our family together year after year.  I've received some amazing table gifts, and some not-so-useful ones, but they always warm my heart and remind me of the holidays.  Today we bring you our favorites for this year's table.

1.  Milkshake Straws. $17

2.  Blood Orange Candy Canes. 12 for $30

3.  Mini Bottles of Booze - our favorite!

4.  Cinnamon Coal Candy - for the naughty! $4

5.  Brooklyn Bitters Black Mission Fig Bitters - great with bourbon or in a fig milkshake!  $18

6.  Underberg digestives.  $25 for 5

7.  Heart shaped mini cake pans $17

8.  Ampersand Bottle Openers $10

9.  Homemade Cookie Stamps $16

10.  Hip cocktail jiggers $24

11.  Portable Citrus Juicers $7

12.  Stanley Flasks $18

13.  Filthy Black Cocktail Cherries $9

14.  Cast Iron Bottle Openers $20

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