Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rebecca Horn on Eggs

The egg.  What an amazing object.  A symbol of femininity, food, and fragility.  Ms Rebecca Horn shares our enthusiasm for eggs; she has used them as a protagonist in her work for many years.  Machines often serve as the supporting actor - painting them, throwing them, or buffing their shells.  Other eggs rest perilously under boulders waiting to be crushed, cast into lead for safe keeping, or speared, somehow retaining their proud shape. In all of her works the eggs are made more precious, more fragile, their thin shells exposed and fetishized.

Without further ado, Ms. Horn on Eggs:

Rebecca Horn, Metamorphosis, 2012
Rock, Cast-Iron Skull, Steel, Egg, Light, Wooden Podest

Rebecca Horn, Lolita, 1997
Leather Glove, Ostrich Egg, Copper Rod in Plexiglass Box

Rebecca Horn, Oeufs d'Autruche, 1985
Charcoal and Colored Crayon on Ostrich Eggs and Metal

Rebecca Horn, Ostrich Egg Struck by Lightening, 1995

Rebecca Horn, To Sleep as Little Spoons, 1990

Rebecca Horn, Missing Full Moon, 1989
Copper Sculpture with Goose Egg Set in Lead

Rebecca Horn, Pendulum with Emu Egg, 1987
Aluminium, Emu Egg, Electric Motor

Rebecca Horn, Universe in an Ostrich Egg, 2008
2 Brushes, 1 Blue Coloured Ostrich Egg, 1 Funnel, Steel, Electronic, Motor and Pedestal

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