Monday, March 25, 2013

HomeMade Gin Kit - Giveaway - CLOSED

So you've always dreamed of making your own spirits, huh?  Dreamed of your own distillery, with your name across the front door in lights?  Or perhaps you're dreaming of making your own moonshine, but your dream was busted after you realized there's a high probability of blowing yourself up.  Well, we can't help you out with that dream, but we can set you up with your own homemade gin kit!

It's super easy - buy your own vodka, add the juniper and botanicals (to your own taste), et voilà 36 hours later, you've got gin.  After you've mastered the original recipe, you can even get crazy and start to freestyle with your own recipes (hello, saffron gin!), or buy one of those cute mini barrels and age your gin in house!  Easy Peasy!

Lucky for you, we're giving away one of these gin kits (vodka not included, unfortunately).  Just comment to enter!  (That's even easier than making your own gin!)

: : : THE GIVEAWAY : : :

Homemade Gin Kit

: : : HOW TO ENTER : : :

1. Leave a comment on the post answering your craziest Gin recipe ideas.  (Remember gin must still taste of Juniper to qualify as a Gin).

2. Tweet #HomemadeGinGiveaway @xxGastronomista and @HomemadeGin

3. *Extra entry* “follow” Gastronomista and/or “like” us on Facebook.

The contest closes in one week (12 pm EST). Winner will be selected on Monday, April 1st, and will be emailed that day.

Good luck, and many thanks to HomeMade Gin!


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