Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gastronomista Gift Guide - Hostess Gifts

Some people are impossible to shop for.  They seem to have everything under the sun, and whatever they need, they go out and purchase it.  Gah!  Gastronomista is here to help, gifts for your well-provisioned hostess.  Remember, good guests never arrive empty handed.

1.  Great parties require thoughtful details.  Vintage Knife Rests are a great way to add character and whimsy to a dinner table.  $95 for 6

2.  Games keep fellow party goers occupied (and out of the kitchen).   Pocket Boccee travels well, and is great for gardens and hallways.  $8

3.  Even the most perfect hostess never has enough ice.  Bring a bag of ice and a handsome Ice Bucket, and you'll be a gal's favorite guest.  $40

4.  Bottle Openers one of my favorite hostess gifts - they add so much character to a home.  I love these sphere cuties from Poketo.  $20

5.   Give a gift that takes your hostess out on the town!  A night out at The Spot Dessert Bar in the East Village is a fun and memorable evening.  The Spot serves gorgeous tapas-style desserts developed by Ian Kittichai such as Green Tea Lava Cake, Yuzu Eskimo Ice Cream Bars, Kabocha Creme Brulee, and Smoked Coconut Cheesecake.  $10 and Up

6.  Fashionable Aprons for your chef who will never leave the kitchen.  So cute, it doubles as dinner wear. $30 

7.  Christmas snappers are so last year.  This year give your hostess an Exploding Braquier Chocolate Bomb filled with Almond Dragees and toys.  $100 - $150

8.  Upgrade your hostess' butter dish with a Japanese Beehouse Butter Dish that come in fun colors such as carrot and artichoke $26

9.  Great glassware = great drinks.  These Poodle Low Ball Glasses are memorable and whimsical.  Purchase them from the virtual pop up Joyus, where all proceeds until the end of 2014 go to Women for Women International!  $75 for 6

10.  Upgrade your chef's plastic measuring cups with Nesting Ceramic Measuring Bowls from West Elm.  They are even tapered so you can pour from them!  Genius!  These are some of my favorite tools in the kitchen.  $15 

11.  Nothing says party like a Graphic Cheese Platter!  Handmade in Austin, Texas!  $35

12.  For the pie lover, give Kate Lebo's book A Commonplace Book of Pie, that is filled with poems about making pie, eating pie, and theories on pie, and gorgeous pie porn watercolors.  $14

13.  Spoil your favorite hostess with a pair of Manitobah Muklucks!  No one likes cold feet when out and about provisioning for parties, and these Aboriginal Canadian made boots will make her feel warm and cozy even when charging through the snow.   $200

Note:  I have a pair of these, and I LOVE them.  Obsessed.  Wearing them right now, my heart filled with bliss, and my toes warm and snuggled up.

14.  For the hostess who likes a great cocktail, but doesn't know what to make: a subscription to Julibox, a service that sends your hostess a monthly cocktail kit with all the necessary ingredients!  Recipe cards help your hostess make them for future parties.  $36 / mo

15.  Modern Marble Trivets for Hot Dishes by Fort Standard.  $88

16.  Have you ever noticed that it's always the cheese grater that seems to jam up your utensil drawer, and is always the guilty culprit to cut your hand?  Solve the problem with this Folding Cheese Grater by West Elm that folds all the away around, protecting your hands from its sharp edges.  Again, with the genius design move here.   $30

17.  For the hostess with the inclination towards all things Paleo:  Melissa Joulwan's latest edition of her Well Fed cookbook series filled with healthy, fast, and delicious recipes.  $17

18.  Tiered Cast Aluminum Displays for all things pretty and delicious.  $259

19.  Impress everyone at the party with a Cecil & Merl Cheesecake - handmade in Brooklyn with a graham cracker crust.  Flavors include Dulce de Leche, Lemon Ricotta, and Pumpkin.  Trust me, bringing one of these to any party is a very good move.  They are insanely light, fluffy, and mind-boggling delicious.  $55

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