Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Glassbackwards - Cocktails Served Backwards

You sit down at a bar, peruse the menu, decide on a tipple, order, and then... wait.  It is this moment of waiting that has indescribable power.  This moment is filled with anticipation - a pause - and it is the time I always use to watch the scene behind the bar.  I carefully observe the tender of bar, watching his or her hands quickly trade bottle for bottle, add ice, bitters, and then delightfully shake the concoction or stir with casual flair.  It's a glorious moment, a moment when one always asks themselves, will the cocktail be as magnificent as I've imagined???  And then, there it is.  A glorious potation filled glass shimmering in the bar's candle light, waiting to be devoured.  And then, the moment of climax: the first sip.


Jude Goergen from Glassbackwards has found a way to make this moment of anticipation even better - each cocktail is prepared backwards.  Yes, backwards, and, some might argue, it's even better that way. 

I'm beyond in love with these videos, I love the character they are able to impart about each tipple, and the people behind the drinks (of course, revealed at the end).  They celebrate the fun and creativity in cocktails, which really is the best part.

A few of my favorites:

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