Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Lady's Guide to the Manhattan Cocktial Classic Gala

One of the greatest parties in New York City is almost upon us - a night where we bow down to the spirits and pay homage to one of the world's greatest creations: The Cocktail.

I'm amazed to say this year will be my fourth Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala - and I couldn't be more excited.  This year I know all the tricks, and I'm here to share them with you! 

Ladies, this one's for you: Gastronomista's Lady's Guide to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala:

1.   A Femme Fatale look is necessary - nothing goes better with cocktails than liquid liner and red lips! 

2.  Speaking of Red Lips, The Lipstick Queen's Jungle Queen is a bright orange-red perfect for spring. 

3.  Falsies are a must.  (YOLO).

4.  Ear candy is in order, you're going to a Gala after all.  I love these sparkly studs from New York's Wanderluster.

5.  Keep your hair pinned up in style with a Silver Epingle from Sylvain le Hen.

6.  Bring out your best frock!  I'm completely smitten with this gorgeous number by Kenzo (swoon).  (Note: This is not actually what I'll be wearing, unless one magically arrives in the mail just in time for the ball....hint hint hint).

7.  Hands free means more hands for double fisting cocktails!  Leave that clutch at home, and pick yourself up a Newbark Leather Belt Bag

8.  Glam it up with Lanvin Elbow Length Leather Gloves.  Because you're a lady

9.   Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!  Remember that old rule you usually ignore, one glass of water for every cocktail.  You'll need it at the world's largest cocktail party!

10.  Eat dinner!  I traditionally start off the evening with a cheeseburger.  I think this year will be no different.  Because I'm a lady.

11.  I'm obsessed with these Alexander Wang glossed leather mules.  Note: emergency flats in the belt bag! 

12.  Prepare for the next morning.  Pick up a few bottles of Resqwater - it's the best hangover drink I've tried, and it's filled with all kinds of vitamins that will get you back on your feet the next day! 

A Few more MCC Survival Tips:

1.  If you can swing it - spring for the VIP ticket.  It's an extra hour of drinking, with less crowds and you'll be more likely to have a chat with the handsome lads and ladies pouring your tipple.  The first hour is the best hour!

2.  Skip the 1920's ragtime costumes.  It's a Cocktail Gala, not Halloween. 

3.  Eat dinner, skip the wine.  You need a good base before a hard-core cocktail event!

4.  Take photos - I always take photos of the cocktails I love, and the cocktail cards on the table so I can remember to look up the recipe when it's posted on the MCC website.  One of my favorite cocktails, the Rum ReFashioned was served at MCC last year.

5.  Be strategic - try new things.  Try new brands of spirits, new cocktails, and ask questions about what you're drinking.  You never know what you might learn!

Tickets are still available - Get Your Tickets Here>>

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