Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summertime Champagne Punch

Gastronomista Summertime Champagne Punch

A good friend of mine recently reached out to me to ask for a punch recipe I made last month, so I figure I would share it here as well!

I got this recipe from somewhere, but of course, I did not save the link and now have no idea who to credit for this delicious recipe.  As always, I recommend buying provisions for at least two rounds of punch.  For some reason the punch bowl always goes dry much sooner than I anticipate!  Plan ahead and keep your guests happy!

Summertime Champagne Punch

12 oz Fruit Punch
10 oz Frozen Strawberries
2 C Fresh Strawberries
1 Package of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
24 oz Ginger Ale
3 C Water
1 Bottle of Champagne (can substitute sparkling white wine or prosecco)
1 Lemon
1 Large Ice Block

Freeze your ice block the day before.  Extra points for freezing strawberries or lemon slices into your ice block!  (Note: I used cubes because I foolishly did not plan ahead)

Add ice block to punch bowl.  Add all of the ingredients, and stir gently.  Slice the Strawberries and Lemons into thin slices and float on the top of the punch.


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