Friday, December 18, 2015

Gastronomista Boozer's Survival Guide

The onslaught holiday parties are upon us, which means so are holiday hangovers and catatonic fatigue.  And when you're tired you could be at the best party in the whole world and all you'll want is to be horizontal on your sofa with a pizza.  Wah-wuh.

Fearless imbibers, today I bring you the Gastronomista Boozer's Survival Guide, full of my Booze-Blogger-Tested drinking strategies, products, and hangover tips to help you feel fresh(ish) and ready to take on another party!

gastronomista booze bloggers survival guide


1.  Focus on veggies - load up on the healthy stuff that will give you an extra boost throughout the day.  I rarely have the patience to wait in line for a green juice (or pay $10 for said green juice), so I carry Aloha Daily Good Greens in my bag.  These magic little packs are filled with an entire serving of fruits and veggies, and are packed with nutrients, electrolytes, AND they taste good.  When I feel like I've eaten too many canapés I add an Aloha pack to water for a quick boost of vitamins and super-foods (seriously, a girl cannot live on foie gras and baked brie alone).  $67.50 for 30

2.   Eat Protein.  Eggs are a fast and cheap way to add protein to your diet, and protein is the super ingredient that will help you maintain control over the temptation of patters of hors d'oeuvres, boats of egg nog, or those sneaky holiday cookies that seem to multiply on your plate.  Eat before the party, skip the fattening snacks.

3.  Skin care is essential.  This is something I am just learning, but has quickly become an critical part of my monthly routine.  Booze can take a toll, and the first place it shows is the skin.  Us ladies who love libations need to pay special attention to our skin so we don't look 10 years older in a hurry!  (Everyone has that aunt or long lost step-mother who looked particularly weathered).  I go to Heyday here in NYC, its a fantastic new company that makes facials approachable, time efficient, and affordable.  I swear, with my busy schedule it's the only 50 minutes I am able to completely relax all month, and it's wonderful to leave the skin care decisions in the hands of a professional.  Check out the Membership program for added bonuses, enhancements, and product discounts.  $60 for 30 minutes, or $95 for 50 minutes.



4.  Carry healthy snacks.  Nothing can derail your healthy eating strategies (and get you more drunk) than going to a cocktail party on an empty stomach.  (I've learned the hard way on this one).  The trick?  Carry snacks.  Nuts, Trail Mix, Clif Bars, anything with a little bit of protein and fat in it to help absorb the booze.  Plus, if it's in your bag then you don't have to stalk the waiters every time they come by with a tray....

5.  Carry a breathalyzer.  Look, if you carry a breathalyzer it doesn't mean you're an alcoholic.  It means you want to be in control of yourself.  I seriously don't know why more people don't do this, especially if you live in a city that requires a car.  It's a simple and discrete way to know exactly how intoxicated you are, and thereby will help you make (better) decisions!  All you have to do is remember to use it! I love the Floome Breathalyzer, it's design-savvy and works with a smartphone app that you can personalize.  The best part?  If you're over the limit it shows you where the nearest restaurants are so you can get a bite to eat and wait it out!  $99

6.  This one is a shout out to some of my fellow booze writers...  Buy a light for your phone.  Those crappy dark cocktail photos on instagram aren't doing you any favors.  Buy a light, use it, and try not to blind the bartenders (but if you accidentally do, tip extra).  $55

7.  Wear flats.  Nothing kills a party faster than having to take a taxi home pronto because you stupidly wore 6" heels that are now covered in sticky cocktail drips.  No one is looking at your feet anyway.

8.  Drink sparkling water.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sparkling Water has amazing reviving capabilities, and can be really discrete.  Sparkling water on the rocks with a lime looks like a vodka tonic, or you can add to a glass of that not-so-great-pinot grigio to make a wine spritzer that is secretly hydrating.

I'm loving the new SodaStream models with dark wood accents - they make for a great gift for friends or for yourself!  $240


9.  Alchimie Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask, which I refer to as my Drunk Mask.  Why you ask?  Because it's a miracle worker and it erases all the sins of the night before.  Put it on before you go to sleep and wake up with your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed instead of feeling like Tutankhamun risen from the dead.  $57

10.   Couldn't avoid the hangover?  Sometimes it happens.  I've tried every hangover cure under the sun, but this is hands-down the fastest and most effective method I've found: B12 Complex Sublingual Liquid.  Just 4 oz under your tongue, and you will feel significantly better in just a few minutes.  $4

11.   Got a really bad hangover??  Take two activated charcoal capsules to help absorb whatever is left in your stomach.  Apparently you can also bleach your teeth with it, but proceed at your own risk.  $7

12.  There's no way to put this lightly....get your ass to the gym.  The only way to balance out the boozer's life is with a healthy diet and lots of exercise.  Working out when you're hungover is the most difficult, but the most essential.  Go for a run, a long swim, or take a class so you don't have to think about it, but sweat it out.  You can curse my name during your work out, but I know you'll be thanking me after.  You're welcome.  

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