Friday, July 1, 2016

Watermelon Chili Margarita


Summer is finally upon us, which means, Summer Cocktails are also upon us!  Fresh fruit is in season, which means its a perfect time to mix freshly squeezed juices into your cocktails.  One of my favorite summer fruits is Watermelon, especially when mixed into a refreshing Margarita!   Watermelon is a bit of a strange fruit, if you're not careful it can lose its flavor really easily, so it is often best to fortify it with another flavor.  Today, I'm feeling some spice.

I've added a touch of Ancho Chili Liqueur, as well as a chili-salt rim to give this cocktail a bit of extra kick.  I prepared this Watermelon Margarita with Altos Plata Tequila, my favorite of the Altos Tequilas because it is salty and has such lovely vegetal flavors.  I love putting salt on watermelon, and I thought it would taste nice in a cocktail too.  I was right.  The result is a sweet and savory cocktail that is refreshing and incredibly satisfying, especially as we head into those dog-days of summer.


Watermelon Chili Margarita
Created by Gastronomista
Makes 4 Cocktails
6 oz Altos Plata Tequila
4 C Watermelon Juice
2 Freshly Squeezed Limes
4 oz Ancho Chili Liqueur
Salt and Chili Powder Mix for Rimming

Swirl Lime around the edge of your glass and then dip into your salt and Chili mixture.  Set glasses aside.

In a blender, add Tequila, Watermelon Juice, Lime Juice, and Chili Liqueur with 2 Cups of Ice.  Blend until smooth and pour into your cocktail classes.  Garnish with a small wedge of watermelon, a wedge of lime, and a touch of Cayenne Pepper on the surface of the drink.

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