Monday, September 3, 2018

1888 Rum Over Coconut Water Ice

I know I've waxed on about how much I love 1888 Rum before, but I'm here to do it again.  Not only because I love this rum that drinks like a whisk(e)y; sweet while at the same time dry and incredibly complex, but because I am now armed with a new way to serve it.  

See I'm a bit fussy about adding water to rum, very often the flavors of a rum are so good at bottle proof, and I don't want to mess with it (1888 is one of those bottles).  But, if you want to slightly chill it then you are getting into the whisky stone territory, which make me nervous since I source vintage crystal for my home bar.  

The 1888 team suggested that I try the 1888 poured over a coconut water ice cube, which is a genius way to serve an aged rum, in my opinion.  Not only does the coconut water ice chill the rum, but it slowly creates new flavors as the ice melts.  Every sip is a little bit different, and as the proportion of rum to coconut water changes with each sip, so does your understanding of the rum.  

Best of all?  It's incredibly easy to do.  Just fill up an ice maker with coconut water (one of my favorite mixers, btw), and let it freeze overnight.  Pour 1888 over that gorgeous coconut-y ice cube, and enjoy. 

I love this as a party idea - just prepare bags of ice cubes ahead of time - or as a new way to enjoy rum at home.  No garnish necessary, or add a piece of fresh coconut to make this serve extra tropical. 

Genius, I say.  Genius.  

1888 Rum Over Coconut Water Ice

2 oz 1888 Rum
1 Coconut Water Ice Sphere

Pour rum over a pre-made coconut water ice sphere.  Stir and serve.

Optional Garnish: Fresh Coconut

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