Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food to Put Us in the Mood

We love this drawing by Portland based artist Azsa West, from a show in the parlor of the Fontanelle Gallery.

That said, we too love food that turns us on.

Our list includes:

~ Fresh, plump, briny, juicy oysters with lemon and spicy cocktail sauce
~ Seared tuna steaks slathered in fresh wasabi butter
~ Black mission figs, black plums, white peaches
~ Hendrick's martinis with cucumber
~ Steak tartare, served tableside
~ Cacio di Bosco
~ Brown butter and sage
~ a fat mushroom burger - medium rare, of course
~ Spicy Aztec dark hot chocolate
~ And finally, the ultimate turn on, any breakfast cooked by a man in his underwear

Azsa West, A List of Food That Turns Me On

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