Tuesday, November 3, 2009

French Lessons

James and Kay Salter came together in 2006 with their collection of notes and anecdotes on eating, Life is Meals, beautifully illustrated by Fabrice Moireau, and impressively assembled by the team at Knopf (thank you, Judith Jones, and more on you later.) James and Kay's dinner party stories are just so humble and heatwarming and lovely, and we hope that when we are of your certain age, our lives are as blissful and rewarding as yours must be. Are you, right now, tending a lavender garden while a chicken roasts and tangerines sit on the radiator? In all humility, we say that if you ever have a few handsome gents in need of a +1 at your table, we will oh so happily oblige. This is all to say, we like the following lesson. Merci.
La vie moyenne d’un buveur d’eau: cinquante-six annees.
La vie moyenne d’un buveur de vin: soixante-dix-sept annees.

We choissez-vous the booze.

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