Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mille-feuille Fruits Rouge

It seems these days that there are so many recipe websites - so many that they blur together.  The ones that stand out are the ones that try to do something different with recipes - those that illustrate, those that compartmentalize, those that turn them into amazing videos with whimsical style and panache.

We adore Griottes, the Emilie Guelpa's website that has done just that for her Raspberry Mille-feuille recipe.   We are in love with the video's charisma and smitten with the cast of characters: the little butters, the pot of creme, the anise stars, and of course, the raspberries.

Millefeuille Fruits rouges from Griottes on Vimeo.

If you have a minute or two check out the rest of her website - it's gorgeous.  Proper food porn that is organized chromatically.  Yes, chromatically.  Just how we organize! 

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