Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Southern Comfort

"Where's that accent from?"

This was a new one for us. We hail from one of the great, accent-less states of the Western U.S., and being of indeterminate origin has always been a point of pride for us.

"Well, where are YOU from?" we countered to the twangy gentleman at the bar.

He grinned widely, took a sip of his beer, and replied, "North Cack-a-lackie!"

We could already tell we were going to fall in love with Van Horn Sandwich Shop.

Lately, South Brooklyn has been suffused with so much country flavor, we've been wondering if the Mason-Dixon line migrated north. For a Gastro Girl, this trend has been a culinary windfall. Between Fort Defiance, Seersucker, and Buttermilk Channel, procuring a grits fix is as convenient as getting a bagel. Van Horn is the newest Dixie kid on the block, here to deliver that South to your mouth between two slices of bread.

Childhood friends - and native North Carolinians - Jacob Van Horn and Rick Hauchman opened the tiny, 30-seat shop in late January, and have already garnered a neighborhood following for their simple, delicious sandwiches, all made with local meat and vegetables. The B.L.P. - Bacon, Lettuce, Pimiento Cheese - is delicious enough on a fat Pullman loaf, but it would be a shame not to top off your meal with a side of Jalapeno Hush Puppies or Collard Greens.

Thirsty? Good thing - not only does Van Horn carry delicious local suds from Kelso and Six Point, but they also have a full liquor license and admirable bourbon selection.

We can't wait to go back to try the Brunswick Stew. Until then, we'll be working on our Southern drawl.

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