Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Please Sir, Another Beer-tini

More info-graphics coming at you today!  But this time, the beer cocktail.  A rather nebulous concept - but strangely intriguing. We believe this is the next frontier of cocktails - a land of much possibility and rich bounty. 

Fortunately, we are privy to the concept. Our house margaritas are made with Tecate - but this info-graphic by Fabio Rex (what a fantastic name good sir, do ring us for a chat) has us wanting to get our shakers out and get mixing.

A few that have us licking our lips:

Black Velvet - 1 part Stout, 1 part Champagne

Michelada - 6 parts Mexican Beer, 3 parts tomato juice, 1 part lime juice, 2 dashes Worcestershire, 2 dashes tobasco 
The Diesel - 1 part Lager, 1 part cider, 1 dash Blackcurrant Cordial 

The Snake Bite - 1 part Lager, 1 part Cider

More research has brought us to Donovan - a true beer lover who offers an extensive list of Beer cocktails.  A few we liked:

Colaweizen - 1 part Hefeweizen, 1 part Cola

Radler - 2 parts Hefeweizen, 1 part Lemonade (Arnold Palmer, you've been trumped)

Black Pecker - Stout blended with Woodpecker Cider

Skip and Go Naked - Beer, Gin, Grenadine, Lemon Juice

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