Thursday, February 3, 2011

Utilitarian Utensil

Ah, the graceful spoon. Such an elegant, curvaceous tool, primitive, yet refined, and largely under-appreciated.

Jo-Fan Chang and Alexandra Snook, two graduate students at Rhode Island School of Design, have recently highlighted the easy loveliness of this humble utensil, however. As the first assignment in their undergraduate Introduction to Woodworking course, they instructed their students to make a wooden spoon out of simple hand tools. Some of the results are breathtaking.

Our favorite piece is by Hannah Oh, who shaped a refined version of the utility "knife" by adding a fork and pivoting hinge.

We'd love to have one of these beauties with us at all times, to be ready for whatever culinary adventure suddenly arises.

If this is the first assignment, just imagine what their final projects will look like...

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