Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zergüt - A Gastronomic Short Film

So we're a little excited about this one here at Gastronomista HQ - we've been starving for some gorgeous imagery to get us through the week - and now this.  Our mouths water, our eyes tear, and we suddenly don't feel so guilty for those rotting bell peppers at the bottom of our refrigerator.

A short animation by the Los Angeles based multimedia artists Natasha Subramaniam & Alisa Lapidus with the cinematography of Oliver Fitzgerald was shot over two years - and they sum it up best in their synopsis:

"Within a refrigerator, a battle ensues as moldy, decaying foods forgotten in the depths of the black rise up against the fresh ingredients that reside in the front.   These confrontations escalate, as foods morph, disintegrate, dance, explode, and become a textural, abstract display of color and form culminating in a grand scale finale sequence that results in their obliteration.  Set to Sergei Prokofiev's Opus 84, Dance of the Knights, from the ballet Romeo & Juliet, Zergüt merges cinema, gastronomy, and classical music through stop-motion animation and high-speed filmmaking, bringing alive a culinary universe in the vein of a contemporary day Fantasia.  Zergüt focuses on the unique, often overlooked beauty of everyday eatable delights."

Bring. It. On.

Untitled from Zergüt on Vimeo.

Seems like they are still doing some fund raising to finish the film - if we were in LA we would go to their event on May 15 - if you are in the area details are here.

And now for some seriously gorgeous stills from Zergüt:

And then there's this bit: in slow motion  - set your own soundtrack.  What a teaser. 

Untitled from Zergüt on Vimeo.

We cannot wait for the film's completion.  The film is dangerously inciting - good versus evil, explosions, character disintegration, stop animation!  Much more to come from this pair, we are certain of that.

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