Friday, May 27, 2011

Sweet Sixpoint Salvation

News spread swiftly down the street - murmured rumblings of something BIG happening, something we've been awaiting for years, a monumental change in the world as we know it

That "rapture" last week may have been a bust, but we're pretty sure we've been transported to heaven. Because Sixpoint Craft Beer is now available in a can.

We'll give you a moment to swoon.

Until last week, the beloved Brooklyn brews have only been available on tap. Sixpoint began shipping packs of gorgeously designed 16 oz. cans to stores last week in a handful of favorite flavors: The Crisp Porter, Bengali Tiger IPA, Righteous Ale, and Sweet Action. Brooklyn 365 has an updated list of stores that carry it in NYC for those fortunate enough to live in the area.

Why cans instead of bottles? Brewmaster Shane Welch explained the choice to Serious Eats thusly:

"For one thing, the beer is filled to the top while the lid is stamped on under pressure, so the beer is generally fresher than in bottles where a pocket of air still exists. As a result, the dissolved oxygen levels which create stale flavors in bottled beer are usually in higher concentration in bottles versus cans. Additionally, cans are impenetrable to ambient light unlike clear or tinted glass bottles."

Sounds lovely to us.

A summer full of Sweet Action barbecues, Bengali Tiger beach parties, and Righteous rooftop cookouts?

Amen to that.


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